Glog Build Problems on Windows X86 and Visual Studio 2015

Published: 23 Oct 2015

Gflags Build Problems on Windows X86 and Visual Studio 2015

Gflags Build Problems on Windows X86 and Visual Studio 2015

Published: 23 Oct 2015

Horrible Wired Errors Come From Simple Stupid Mistake

Several days ago I was transplanting some codes from Linux to Windows x86 platform.

Published: 16 Oct 2015

Embedding Python In C/C++

Preparatory Work

Published: 10 Oct 2015

Visual Question Answering

Towards AI-Complete Question Answering: A Set of Prerequisite Toy Tasks

Published: 09 Oct 2015

Visualize Convolutional Neural Network


Deconvolutional Networks

Visualizing and Understanding Convolutional Network

Deep Inside Convolutional Networks: Visualising Image Classification Models and Saliency Maps (ICLR 2014 workshop)

Understanding Deep Image Representations by Inverting Them

deepViz: Visualizing Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification

Inverting Convolutional Networks with Convolutional Networks

Understanding Neural Networks Through Deep Visualization

Visualizing Higher-Layer Features of a Deep Network

Generative Modeling of Convolutional Neural Networks

Understanding Intra-Class Knowledge Inside CNN

Learning FRAME Models Using CNN Filters for Knowledge Visualization

Convergent Learning: Do different neural networks learn the same representations? (ICLR 2016)

Visualizing and Understanding Deep Texture Representations

Visualizing Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Using Natural Pre-Images

An Interactive Node-Link Visualization of Convolutional Neural Networks

Learning Deep Features for Discriminative Localization

Multifaceted Feature Visualization: Uncovering the Different Types of Features Learned By Each Neuron in Deep Neural Networks

A New Method to Visualize Deep Neural Networks

A Taxonomy and Library for Visualizing Learned Features in Convolutional Neural Networks

VisualBackProp: visualizing CNNs for autonomous driving

VisualBackProp: efficient visualization of CNNs

Grad-CAM: Why did you say that? Visual Explanations from Deep Networks via Gradient-based Localization

Grad-CAM: Why did you say that?

Visualizing Residual Networks

Visualizing Deep Neural Network Decisions: Prediction Difference Analysis

ActiVis: Visual Exploration of Industry-Scale Deep Neural Network Models

Network Dissection: Quantifying Interpretability of Deep Visual Representations

Interpreting Deep Visual Representations via Network Dissection

Picasso: A Neural Network Visualizer

CNN Fixations: An unraveling approach to visualize the discriminative image regions

A Forward-Backward Approach for Visualizing Information Flow in Deep Networks

Using KL-divergence to focus Deep Visual Explanation


Interactive Deep Neural Net Hallucinations


draw_convnet: Python script for illustrating Convolutional Neural Network (ConvNet)

Caffe prototxt visualization

Keras Visualization Toolkit

mNeuron: A Matlab Plugin to Visualize Neurons from Deep Models



“Visualizing GoogLeNet Classes”

Visualizing CNN architectures side by side with mxnet

How convolutional neural networks see the world: An exploration of convnet filters with Keras

Visualizing Deep Learning with t-SNE (Tutorial and Video)

Peeking inside Convnets

Visualizing Features from a Convolutional Neural Network

Visualizing Deep Neural Networks Classes and Features

Visualizing parts of Convolutional Neural Networks using Keras and Cats

Visualizing convolutional neural networks


Topological Visualisation of a Convolutional Neural Network

Visualization of Places-CNN and ImageNet CNN

Visualization of a feed forward Neural Network using MNIST dataset

CNNVis: Towards Better Analysis of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.

Quiver: Interactive convnet features visualization for Keras

Published: 09 Oct 2015

Video Applications


Published: 09 Oct 2015

Unsupervised Learning

Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM)

Published: 09 Oct 2015