Database Systems Resources


Published: 01 Oct 2015

Computer Science Resources


(Udacity) Georgia Tech Masters in CS

University of Virginia: cs6501 Spring 2013: Great Works in Computer Science

University of California at Berkeley : CS294, Spring 2014: Evolution and Computation

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Game Theory Online

Computer Science video courses

Database Systems

CMU 15-721 (SPRING 2016): Database Systems

Operation System

Hack The Kernel

Computer Graphics

Taichi 太極: Physically based Computer Graphics Library


Sketch: a Common Lisp environment for the creation of electronic art, visual design, game prototyping, game making, computer graphics, exploration of human-computer interaction and more

DEAP: Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python

Mezzano, an operating system written in Common Lisp

Half-precision floating point library


  • intro: TRE is an object oriented, functional programming language, that enables user to view all processes happening inside a memory during program execution.
  • working example:


Introduction to Computer Music: Volume One


Design Of A Modern Cache

Numeric matrix manipulation: The cheat sheet for MATLAB, Python NumPy, R, and Julia

Evolutionary Computation

The Cost of Knowledge

Landmark Contributions by Students in Computer Science

The Ultimate PCB Design Tutorial for Startups

How Humans Solve Complex Problems: The Case of the Knapsack Problem

Published: 01 Oct 2015

Papers, Blogs and Websites


Published: 27 Sep 2015



Published: 26 Sep 2015

Computer Vision Datasets

Datasets who is the best at X ?

Published: 24 Sep 2015

Big Data Resources


Published: 22 Sep 2015

Computer Vision Resources


Published: 12 Sep 2015

Topic Model

Care and Feeding of Topic Models: Problems, Diagnostics, and Improvements

Published: 27 Aug 2015