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Published: 08 Jul 2017

PyInstsaller and Others

Quick introduction

Published: 24 Dec 2016

C++ Programming Solutions

Reference a nonstatic MFC class member in a static thread function

Published: 07 Sep 2016

Add Lunr Search Plugin For Blog

I decided to add a full-text search plugin to my blog:

Published: 31 Jul 2016

vsftpd Commands

FTP命令是Internet用户使用最频繁的命令之一,不论是在DOS还是UNIX操作系统下使用FTP,都会遇到大量的FTP内部命令。 熟悉并灵活应用FTP的内部命令,可以大大方便使用者,并收到事半功倍之效。 FTP的命令行格式为: ftp -v -d -i -n -g [主机名] ,其中 -v 显示远程服务器的所有响应信息; -n 限制ftp的自动登录,即不使用; .n etrc文件; -d 使用调试方式; -g 取消全局文件名。

Published: 28 Jul 2016

Setup vsftpd on Ubuntu 14.10

Setup vsftpd

Published: 27 Jul 2016

PHP Hello World

Published: 04 Jul 2016

Install Therubyracer Failure

I try to install therubyracer via gem on Windows 10, but keep getting an error associated with -rdynamic flag, which results in failure to build the native extensions:

Published: 03 Jul 2016