Deep Learning Tricks

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Practical recommendations for gradient-based training of deep architectures

Bag of Tricks for Image Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks


Efficient BackProp

Deep Learning for Vision: Tricks of the Trade

Optimizing RNN performance

  • intro: Silicon Valley AI Lab
  • keywords: Optimize GEMM, parallel GPU, GRU and LSTM…
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Must Know Tips/Tricks in Deep Neural Networks

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Neural Networks Best Practice

Dark Knowledge from Hinton

Stochastic Gradient Descent Tricks(Leon Bottou)

Advice for applying Machine Learning

How to Debug Learning Algorithm for Regression Model

Large-scale L-BFGS using MapReduce

Selecting good features

– Part I: univariate selection: – Part II: linear models and regularization: – Part III: random forests: – Part IV: stability selection, RFE and everything side by side:


Stochastic Gradient Boosting: Choosing the Best Number of Iterations

Large-Scale High-Precision Topic Modeling on Twitter

H2O World - Top 10 Deep Learning Tips & Tricks - Arno Candel

How To Improve Deep Learning Performance: 20 Tips, Tricks and Techniques That You Can Use To Fight Overfitting and Get Better Generalization

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The Black Magic of Deep Learning - Tips and Tricks for the practitioner