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Courses on machine learning

CSC2535 – Spring 2013 Advanced Machine Learning

Stanford CME 323: Distributed Algorithms and Optimization

University at Buffalo CSE574: Machine Learning and Probabilistic Graphical Models Course

Stanford CS229: Machine Learning Autumn 2015

Stanford / Winter 2014-2015 CS229T/STATS231: Statistical Learning Theory

CMU Fall 2015 10-715: Advanced Introduction to Machine Learning

2015 Machine Learning Summer School: Convex Optimization Short Course

STA 4273H (Winter 2015): Large Scale Machine Learning

University of Oxford: Machine Learning: 2014-2015

Computer Science 294: Practical Machine Learning (Fall 2009)

Statistics, Probability and Machine Learning Short Course

Statistical Learning

Machine learning courses online

Build Intelligent Applications: Master machine learning fundamentals in five hands-on courses (Coursera)

Machine Learning

Princeton Computer Science 598D: Overcoming Intractability in Machine Learning

Princeton Computer Science 511: Theoretical Machine Learning


CMSC 726: Machine Learning

MIT: 9.520: Statistical Learning Theory and Applications, Fall 2015

CMU: Machine Learning: 10-701/15-781, Spring 2011

NLA 2015 course material

CS 189/289A: Introduction to Machine Learning(with videos)

An Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning Spring 2014 (for ACM Class)

CS 159: Advanced Topics in Machine Learning (Spring 2016)

Advanced Statistical Computing (Vanderbilt University)

Stanford CS229: Machine Learning Spring 2016

Machine Learning: 2015-2016

CS273a: Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine Learning CS-433

Machine Learning Introduction: A machine learning course using Python, Jupyter Notebooks, and OpenML

Machine Learning on Distributed System

Distributed Machine Learning with Apache Spark

PhD-level Courses (with video lectures)

Phd-level courses

Advanced Introduction to Machine Learning

STA 4273H (Winter 2015): Large Scale Machine Learning

Statistical Learning Theory and Applications (MIT)

(REGML 2016) Regularization Methods for Machine Learning

Convex Optimization: Spring 2015

CMU: Probabilistic Graphical Models (10-708, Spring 2014)

Advanced Optimization and Randomized Methods

Machine Learning for Robotics and Computer Vision

Statistical Machine Learning

PhD-level Courses (without video lectures)

Probabilistic Graphical Models (10-708, Spring 2016)


Learn Machine learning online – List of machine learning courses available online


MOOCs for Machine Learning