Classification / Recognition

Published: 09 Oct 2015 Category: deep_learning


DeCAF: A Deep Convolutional Activation Feature for Generic Visual Recognition

CNN Features off-the-shelf: an Astounding Baseline for Recognition

HD-CNN: Hierarchical Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Image Classification

HD-CNN: Hierarchical Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Large Scale Visual Recognition

Delving Deep into Rectifiers: Surpassing Human-Level Performance on ImageNet Classification

Automatic Instrument Recognition in Polyphonic Music Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Deep Convolutional Networks on the Pitch Spiral for Musical Instrument Recognition

Humans and deep networks largely agree on which kinds of variation make object recognition harder

FusionNet: 3D Object Classification Using Multiple Data Representations

From image recognition to object recognition

Deep FisherNet for Object Classification

Factorized Bilinear Models for Image Recognition

Hyperspectral CNN Classification with Limited Training Samples

The More You Know: Using Knowledge Graphs for Image Classification

MaxMin Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification

Cost-Effective Active Learning for Deep Image Classification

Deep Collaborative Learning for Visual Recognition

Convolutional Low-Resolution Fine-Grained Classification

Multi-Scale Dense Networks for Resource Efficient Image Classification

Deep Mixture of Diverse Experts for Large-Scale Visual Recognition

Sunrise or Sunset: Selective Comparison Learning for Subtle Attribute Recognition

Why Do Deep Neural Networks Still Not Recognize These Images?: A Qualitative Analysis on Failure Cases of ImageNet Classification

B-CNN: Branch Convolutional Neural Network for Hierarchical Classification

Learning Transferable Architectures for Scalable Image Recognition

AOGNets: Deep AND-OR Grammar Networks for Visual Recognition

Knowledge Concentration: Learning 100K Object Classifiers in a Single CNN

Between-class Learning for Image Classification

Efficient Traffic-Sign Recognition with Scale-aware CNN

Co-domain Embedding using Deep Quadruplet Networks for Unseen Traffic Sign Recognition

µNet: A Highly Compact Deep Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Real-time Embedded Traffic Sign Classification

Deep Predictive Coding Network for Object Recognition

Zero-shot Recognition via Semantic Embeddings and Knowledge Graphs

Attention-based Pyramid Aggregation Network for Visual Place Recognition

How do Convolutional Neural Networks Learn Design?

Making Classification Competitive for Deep Metric Learning

In Defense of the Triplet Loss for Visual Recognition

All You Need is a Few Shifts: Designing Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification

Deep CNN-based Multi-task Learning for Open-Set Recognition

Squared Earth Mover’s Distance-based Loss for Training Deep Neural Networks

Large-Scale Long-Tailed Recognition in an Open World

An Image is Worth 16x16 Words: Transformers for Image Recognition at Scale

Massive Classification

Accelerated Training for Massive Classification via Dynamic Class Selection

Multi-object Recognition

Multiple Object Recognition with Visual Attention

Multiple Instance Learning Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Recognition

Multi-Label Classification

Learning Spatial Regularization with Image-level Supervisions for Multi-label Image Classification

Order-Free RNN with Visual Attention for Multi-Label Classification

Learning Social Image Embedding with Deep Multimodal Attention Networks

Multi-label Image Recognition by Recurrently Discovering Attentional Regions

Recurrent Attentional Reinforcement Learning for Multi-label Image Recognition

A Baseline for Multi-Label Image Classification Using Ensemble Deep CNN

Multi-class Classification without Multi-class Labels

Learning a Deep ConvNet for Multi-label Classification with Partial Labels

Multi-Label Image Recognition with Graph Convolutional Networks

General Multi-label Image Classification with Transformers

Person Recognition

Beyond Frontal Faces: Improving Person Recognition Using Multiple Cues


Learning Deep Features via Congenerous Cosine Loss for Person Recognition

Pose-Aware Person Recognition


Rethinking Feature Discrimination and Polymerization for Large-scale Recognition

Person Recognition in Social Media Photos

Unifying Identification and Context Learning for Person Recognition

Fine-grained Recognition

Bilinear CNN Models for Fine-grained Visual Recognition

Fine-grained Image Classification by Exploring Bipartite-Graph Labels

Embedding Label Structures for Fine-Grained Feature Representation

Fine-grained Categorization and Dataset Bootstrapping using Deep Metric Learning with Humans in the Loop

Fully Convolutional Attention Localization Networks: Efficient Attention Localization for Fine-Grained Recognition

Localizing by Describing: Attribute-Guided Attention Localization for Fine-Grained Recognition

Learning Deep Representations of Fine-grained Visual Descriptions

IDNet: Smartphone-based Gait Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks

Picking Deep Filter Responses for Fine-grained Image Recognition

  • intro: CVPR 2016

SPDA-CNN: Unifying Semantic Part Detection and Abstraction for Fine-grained Recognition

  • intro: CVPR 2016

Part-Stacked CNN for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization

  • intro: CVPR 2016

Fine-grained Recognition in the Noisy Wild: Sensitivity Analysis of Convolutional Neural Networks Approaches

Low-rank Bilinear Pooling for Fine-Grained Classification


Look Closer to See Better: Recurrent Attention Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-grained Image Recognition

Fine-grained Recognition in the Wild: A Multi-Task Domain Adaptation Approach

Where to Focus: Deep Attention-based Spatially Recurrent Bilinear Networks for Fine-Grained Visual Recognition

Learning Multi-Attention Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-Grained Image Recognition

TransFG: A Transformer Architecture for Fine-grained Recognition

Food Recognition

DeepFood: Deep Learning-Based Food Image Recognition for Computer-Aided Dietary Assessment

Im2Calories: towards an automated mobile vision food diary

Food Image Recognition by Using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)

Wide-Slice Residual Networks for Food Recognition

Food Classification with Deep Learning in Keras / Tensorflow

ChineseFoodNet: A large-scale Image Dataset for Chinese Food Recognition

Computer vision-based food calorie estimation: dataset, method, and experiment

Deep Learning-Based Food Calorie Estimation Method in Dietary Assessment

Food Ingredients Recognition through Multi-label Learning

FoodNet: Recognizing Foods Using Ensemble of Deep Networks

Food recognition and recipe analysis: integrating visual content, context and external knowledge

Attribute Recognition

Multi-task CNN Model for Attribute Prediction

Attributes for Improved Attributes: A Multi-Task Network for Attribute Classification

Generative Adversarial Models for People Attribute Recognition in Surveillance

Attribute Recognition by Joint Recurrent Learning of Context and Correlation

Multi-label Object Attribute Classification using a Convolutional Neural Network

Pedestrian Attribute Recognition / Person Attribute Recognition

Multi-attribute Learning for Pedestrian Attribute Recognition in Surveillance Scenarios

Pedestrian Attribute Recognition At Far Distance

Person Attribute Recognition with a Jointly-trained Holistic CNN Model

Human Attribute Recognition by Deep Hierarchical Contexts

Robust Pedestrian Attribute Recognition for an Unbalanced Dataset using Mini-batch Training with Rarity Rate

Weakly-supervised Learning of Mid-level Features for Pedestrian Attribute Recognition and Localization

Deep View-Sensitive Pedestrian Attribute Inference in an end-to-end Model

HydraPlus-Net: Attentive Deep Features for Pedestrian Analysis

Deep Imbalanced Attribute Classification using Visual Attention Aggregation

Localization Guided Learning for Pedestrian Attribute Recognition

Grouping Attribute Recognition for Pedestrian with Joint Recurrent Learning

Sequence-based Person Attribute Recognition with Joint CTC-Attention Model

The Deeper, the Better: Analysis of Person Attributes Recognition

Video-Based Pedestrian Attribute Recognition

Pedestrian Attribute Recognition: A Survey

Papers with code: Pedestrian Attribute Recognition


Attribute Aware Pooling for Pedestrian Attribute Recognition

Distraction-Aware Feature Learning for Human Attribute Recognition via Coarse-to-Fine Attention Mechanism

Rethinking of Pedestrian Attribute Recognition: Realistic Datasets with Efficient Method

Hierarchical Feature Embedding for Attribute Recognition

Clothes Recognition

DeepFashion: Powering Robust Clothes Recognition and Retrieval with Rich Annotations

Multi-Task Curriculum Transfer Deep Learning of Clothing Attributes

Star-galaxy Classification

Star-galaxy Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Logo Recognition

Deep Learning for Logo Recognition

Plant Classification

Large-Scale Plant Classification with Deep Neural Networks

Scene Recognition / Scene Classification

Learning Deep Features for Scene Recognition using Places Database

Using neon for Scene Recognition: Mini-Places2

Scene Classification with Inception-7

Semantic Clustering for Robust Fine-Grained Scene Recognition

Scene recognition with CNNs: objects, scales and dataset bias


Leaderboard of Places Database


What is the class of this image ? - Discover the current state of the art in objects classification

Object Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks in the Keras Deep Learning Library

The Effect of Resolution on Deep Neural Network Image Classification Accuracy