Recognition, Detection, Segmentation and Tracking

Published: 09 Oct 2015 Category: computer_vision

Classification / Recognition

Generalized Hierarchical Matching for Sub-category Aware Object Classification (VOC2012 classification task winner)


License Plate Recognition


Contextualizing Object Detection and Classification

Diagnosing Error in Object Detectors

Integrating Context and Occlusion for Car Detection by Hierarchical And-or Model

Learning And-Or Models to Represent Context and Occlusion for Car Detection and Viewpoint Estimation

Quickest Moving Object Detection

Automatic detection of moving objects in video surveillance

Real-time Webcam Barcode Detection with OpenCV and C++

The Role of Context Selection in Object Detection

PersonRank: Detecting Important People in Images

DPM and DPM variants

Object detection with discriminatively trained part based models (DPM)

30hz object detection with dpm v5

The fastest deformable part model for object detection

Fast, accurate detection of 100,000 object classes on a single machine

Deformable Part Models are Convolutional Neural Networks

Tensor-based approach to accelerate deformable part models

Detection in Video

Expanding Object Detector’s HORIZON: Incremental Learning Framework for Object Detection in Videos

Face Detection

Build a Face Detection App Using Node.js and OpenCV

FaceTracker: Real time deformable face tracking in C++ with OpenCV 2

A Fast and Accurate Unconstrained Face Detector

libfacedetection: A binary library for face detection in images. You can use it free of charge with any purpose

jQuery Face Detection Plugin: A jQuery plugin to detect faces on images, videos and canvases

Spoofing 2D Face Detection: Machines See People Who Aren’t There

Fall-Detection: Human Fall Detection from CCTV camera feed

Edge detection


Object Proposals

What makes for effective detection proposals?(PAMI 2015)

BING++: A Fast High Quality Object Proposal Generator at 100fps

Object Proposals

Segmentation Free Object Discovery in Video


Graph Based Image Segmentation

Pixelwise Image Saliency by Aggregation Complementary Appearance Contrast Measures with Edge-Preserving Coherence

Joint Tracking and Segmentation of Multiple Targets

Supervised Evaluation of Image Segmentation Methods

Normalized Cut (N-cut)

Graph Cut

Grab Cut

“GrabCut” — Interactive Foreground Extraction using Iterated Graph Cuts

OpenCV 3.1: Interactive Foreground Extraction using GrabCut Algorithm

Video Segmentation

Bilateral Space Video Segmentation


Online Object Tracking: A Benchmark

Object Tracking Benchmark

Visual Tracker Benchmark

MEEM: Robust Tracking via Multiple Experts using Entropy Minimization

Struck: Structured Output Tracking with Kernels

High-Speed Tracking with Kernelized Correlation Filters

Learning to Track: Online Multi-Object Tracking by Decision Making

Joint Tracking and Segmentation of Multiple Targets

Robust Visual Tracking Via Consistent Low-Rank Sparse Learning

Staple: Complementary Learners for Real-Time Tracking

Simple Online and Realtime Tracking

Visual Tracking via Reliable Memories

Tracking Completion

Real-Time Visual Tracking: Promoting the Robustness of Correlation Filter Learning

Multi-camera Multi-Object Tracking

Multi-camera Multi-Object Tracking


Benchmark Results of Correlation Filters


VOTR: Visual Object Tracking Repository